Inventory Management

You want to know what you have, when to drink it, what you paid for it and what it’s worth. Knowing when the prime drinking window for your wines are, and making sure that you don't lose track of bottles before they slide over the edge is key with a wine collection. Your investment in your wines is considerable; make sure you get the maximum possible enjoyment out of them!

VintageSpec provides customized cellar management services using the best available online and software tools. After we organize your cellar with our Cellar Organization services, we can take an accurate inventory of your bottles, help you determine which wines need to be drunk in the short-term and which will benefit from longer aging. We can set your system up so that your inventory is available via the web on your laptop or smartphone wherever you may travel. For multi-location collections, we can set up a system of individually barcoded bottles so you know exactly where everything is, and train you or your staff to keep everything up-to-date. If you find yourself overwhelmed by frenzied collecting habits (yes, we've been there ... sigh), we can help you find auctions and charity events to realize value from your excess inventory.