Education Overview

At VintageSpec, we take knowledge seriously – though we are not proponents of universal wine expertise. The first thing to learn is your own taste – we think it’s just fine for people to know generally what they like, and just enjoy it. There’s nothing more boring than some guy, or gal, who insists on telling you about every 95-point and higher bottle they’ve ever consumed, parroting the Spectator or Parker reviews. We do a lot of wine education, and tell people to understand their own palate first. Even if the critics gave a wine, say, 100 points, it’s OK to not like it. Your taste is your own. If you want to learn more about wine so as to understand your own tastes better – we’re here to help, in a non-threatening and easy-to-understand way. We’ll walk you through the basics of wine knowledge, where to find resources for further study and reading, such as recognizing regions and grape types, and how to successfully negotiate a restaurant wine list.